Wise counsel …
Joel says:

Prepare For Rain is a transformation incubator.

Our mission is to help you explore new pathways to engage—or re-engage—your life in productive ways that evolve into brilliant channels for getting your message into the world.

The central idea behind “prepare for rain” is that our moving forward—in faith, sometimes against all evidence—is essential to fulfilling our purpose.




There is a story about two farmers, referenced in the movie Facing The Giants. These farmers are dealing with a severe drought. Both farmers prayed for rain. God said He’d deliver it. But only one farmer actually went out and plowed his field. Only one acted on the promise. Only one became ready—by actually preparing—for the promised rain.

It’s not hard to complain and wish things were different. But it takes grit, determination, persistence and discipline to make changes. More importantly, it takes enduring faith that things really can change.

So, fundamentally, we invite you to enter in and explore your own life and future…with the ultimate question being: are you willing to risk “preparing for rain”… making changes, facing issues,exploring options, and challenging your fears?

We invite you to come on in. Explore. Engage. Evolve. Prepare For Rain.