Mai Thai“Mai Thai’s tuna tartare is a standout dish,” according to the Idaho Statesman. “A bold stroke of beet puree punctuated a formed cube of raw ahi tuna and chopped avocado, lubed with seasoned sesame oil. A lightly poached quail egg sat on top, just begging to have its yolk popped. Nasturtium petals, chopped mango and micro greens brightened up the plate.”

Mai Thai offers a selection of excellent Thai & Sushi dishes. As well as one of the best catering services available in Boise Idaho.

The Bangkok-style papaya salad ($10) stayed true to its southern Thai roots, with shreds of crunchy green papaya and carrot tossed with cherry tomatoes, raw garlic and dried shrimp in a fiery lime dressing.

I was excited to taste the kai-lan and asparagus sauté with crispy onions and coconut foam. But instead, our server got the order wrong and brought us the asparagus and mushroom stir-fry ($14), a medley of wok-seared wood mushrooms, asparagus spears and garlic in a zesty yellow bean sauce.

The honey duck is always a safe bet at Mai Thai, yet I decided to try the peach tea duck breast ($17). I should have stuck with the honey duck. While the two duck breasts had a good peachy flavor and were mostly tender, the flabby skin was a turnoff. It would be best to crisp up the skin before serving this duck, which comes with sweet potato puree, sautéed Brussels sprouts and a drizzle of dark pan sauce.

Mai Thai inside

On Yelp, Jess A. wrote:

“I’m not sure why Mai Thai doesn’t have more stars. It’s my favorite dinner and happy hour spot in town. To be clear, Mai Thai does not serve strictly Thai cuisine. It’s more of an Asian fusion restaurant, and they serve gluten free options, vegetarian options, and vegan options – so there’s something for everyone here.”

She continued:

My favorite dishes include the traditional pad thai with fried tofu (I get it spicy), the green goddess roll (a fresh, delicious vegetarian sushi roll), the mai thai noodle dish ( a sweet and sour noodle dish), and the mai thai signature salad without chicken and with fried tofu on the side. The salad is so good because it comes with fruit on top and a delicious creamy peanut dressing. I’ve tried other dishes, such as the garlic noodle dish and the vegetarian kung pao, but I usually stick to my favorites.

Tofu Napolean

The COCKTAILS might be my favorite thing about Mai Thai. Happy hour is every day and you get 2 drinks for 1 price. It’s a steal, considering their cocktails are unique craft cocktails. I’m not sure I’ve ever found another restaurant or bar that serves you 2 delicious, fancy cocktails for under $10. Quite the steal. I recommend their Moscow mule, which does not come in a traditional mug but is the best Moscow mule I’ve had in Boise. The Siam Sunray is also good – it’s a vodka/lime/coconut/lemongrass cocktail. The Lovey is delicious if you enjoy champagne cocktails. The Mary Anne is good if you like sweet and sour drinks. I’m going to stop listing all the drinks I love because I could go on and on and embarrass myself. Tip – Make sure to sit in the bar area if you want them to honor happy hour.

“They also have a meann lunch buffet for only $12 – with plenty of options (sushi, vegetarian options, noodle dishes, salad, and more),” according to Yelp.


“The service is always great. The waiters are always so friendly. I’ve never had a bad experience at Mai Thai. And you can’t really beat the location. The patio is lovely on summer evenings.”