The rulers of the social media and search worlds have run their high-powered analytics to give us incisive new insight into President Trump’s first 100 days in office, according to Matt Stevens of the New York Times.

And the results, are … well, basically what you’d expect.

We now have data to support the claim that, yes, our commander in chief posts often on Twitter about the media and making America great; we also now know that people spent his first few months in office searching mostly for information about immigration and other related topics.

But let’s start with Mr. Trump himself.

In a report released on Friday, Twitter examined how Mr. Trump leveraged his favorite social media platform during this early stage. They said Mr. Trump had posted a total of 486 times as of 1 p.m. on Day 98. (The New York Times has published an interactive feature cataloging posts from the start of his presidency.)

A less rigorous analysis by yours truly found that, by comparison, former President Barack Obama sent out a dozen messages on Twitter over that span; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, however, sent a ton; Beyoncé did not send any.

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