1503365_10153643646847538_4612603121053950404_n“Stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet,” wrote Jeremy Bentham.

I like to be flowers for my wife because they are a symbol of life and beauty. When I walk in the door with them, she feels vibrant and full of life, beautiful and incredibly special.

Showing her my love with a specially-made bouquet only increases my  affection for my wife.  As Stefano Gabbana said,  “To me, flowers are happiness.” But with so many places to purchase flowers these days, it can be easy to get confused as to who the best vendors are.

What separates a good florist and a great one? First, I think about the many hours of preparation required to create a truly beautiful arrangement. Like many people I cherish the joyful feeling that comes with great flora.

That is why I was so happy to be introduced to Sunflower Florist. Located in Garden City, Idaho,  they hold deep respect for the art of floral decoration. Instead of viewing it as just an arrangement, they work to create a piece of artwork that will send a message to all who view it.

Sunflower Florist takes the time to get to know and connect with their community. They usually know what the customers want and need, better than the clients themselves.

An article called “What Makes a Good Florist” by Carmen Cosentino, sums up this outfit:

Here is where the florist differs from the others; they have a love of their product. To him or her it is not just another job. The florist is the person you want to talk to when your daughter is getting m150160_10153350993362538_6693202284726699783_narried. They have done many weddings and have in their store all the little things, the bouquet holders and the ribbons and the “bling” to make the bouquets beautiful. They have the altar vases and the arch and all the paraphernalia to meet your needs for making it the most beautiful day. And, as is happening with so many brides these days, a good florist will find that odd flower that the bride saw in a magazine, a flower that she does not know the name of, but wants. … Your florist will be there for you.

Stop in today at 4206 W Chinden Blvd Garden City, Idaho (208) 377-1491  and experience the joy and beauty!

Read more at https://www.facebook.com/SunflowerBoise