women-oneThe last press release I wrote resulted in this TV and web copy coverage by KTVB for the outstanding Women Ignite Idaho Conference:

Women Ignite Idaho focuses on empowerment, equality.

Message me if your organization or event needs exposure from top media outlets. Press releases are branding and credibility tools, a great way to get the word out about a company, product, or service. They more effectively brand that company, product, or service.

According to the Kissmetrics blog:

If a release is engaging enough, it also can do the following: generate social signals and chatter and sharing; direct targeted and organic traffic back to a website; and create journalistic interest abroad. This is all in addition to the sweet maraschino cherry on top – vast news and major media coverage.

Back in July of 2015, I wrote a release about two Kayakers that resulted in coverage from Idaho Statesman and Meridian Press.

Meridian brothers go from paddling the Payette to paddling the globe, featured Aug. 20 2015 in Idaho Statesman.

Meridian brothers to represent U.S. in world kayaking championships, featured Jul. 31 2015 in Meridian Press.