Prepare For Rain MagazineEntreprenuerial coach Joel Lund says “Did you know that there are 23.3 million “sales” people in the United States…and that these people actually have ‘sales’ in their job title?

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Further thoughts from Joel:

Often, in the daily challenges of growing a business, we lose touch with what our goals are, what our motivation is built on, even what our core values are. Responsibilities, expectations, timelines, metrics, conflicts, unforeseen hurdles, shifting demographics and changing markets can derail the best laid action plans. The day’s major achievement might simply be: “I got through it.” Sure, some days are going to be like that. But only at great peril can most days be like that.

You’ve heard it said that often the best proactive step you can take in business is to stop doing something you’re doing, instead of trying to start a new thing.

Let’s talk! Please send me an email to We’ll schedule a convenient time for both of us, at our earliest convenience. We’ll chat informally for twenty to thirty minutes, basically to answer the two imperative questions: 1) do I think I can help you and 2) do you want my help. Fair enough? Your only expense is time; there is no fee for this exploratory discussion. Based on that initial conversation, we should have a clear sense of what coaching structure will provide the best impact for you, in the shortest amount of time.

Is it time to stop trying to improve some key element of your professional or personal life—especially if that key element is you—and engage a coach? Why is it that already-elite athletes use coaches?

So, what is important about success to you?

That should be the first question you hear from a good coach. How you answer the question is totally yours. Whether success—for you—means independence, wealth, influence, prestige, freedom, making a difference, being a change agent, or something else, it is your meaning.

Coaching begins with you. It ends with you. What happens in between, well, that’s where the magic happens. And you own the success.

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