IMC_Support_Graphic.svgby Michael Strickland

Traditionally, a  sales letter is a piece of direct mail which is designed to persuade the reader to purchase a particular product or service in the absence of a salesman. It has been defined as “A form of direct mail in which an advertiser sends a letter to a potential customer.”

With the explosion of YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms, a great opportunity now exists:  Video Sales Letters (VSLs).

The sales letter typically sells a single product or product line, and further tends to be mainly textual as opposed to graphics-based. It is typically used for products or services which, due to their price, are a considered purchase at medium or high value (typically tens to thousands of dollars). A sales letter is often, but not exclusively, the last stage of the sales process before the customer places an order, and is designed to ensure that the prospect is committed to becoming a customer.

Since the advent of the internet, the sales letter has become an integral part of internet marketing, and typically takes the form of an email or webpage. Unsolicited sales emails are known as spam, although spam typically consists of emails which are much shorter than a normal sales letter. Offline, unsolicited sales letters are known as junk mail.

So why not utilize to VSL?
Here are some great suggestions fron the thejimedwardsmethod site.

Part 1 – Open With a Shocking Statement

Start with a shocking statement that is bound to grab your target audience’s attention and snap them out of whatever hypnosis they might find themselves in at the moment.

Ex: Attention Homeowners. Are you going to let a realtor steal 50% or more of your hard-earned home equity?

Part 2 – State the Problem and WHY Its’ a Big Deal

In this section, you tell your target audience what problem they face, and why it’s something they can’t ignore. I’ll often do this with a list of bullets, especially if I’m doing the VSL in PowerPoint.

Ex: Even though realtors only charge 6% commission, that commission could represent a huge chunk of your equity, especially in today’s market. That means:

  • You’re paying out a huge chunk of your profit just to have your house listed in the MLS where it may or may not sell
  • Most listing agents never sell or even show the houses they list.
  • You’re paying to have your houses entered into an online database, and that’s basically it!

Part 3 – Agitate the Problem

– See more at: thejimedwardsmethod website.