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Thinking about how to start writing a book, but aren’t sure where to start?

One of the reasons that so many people never finish their book is because they did not properly plan it out.

Think about it…

The thoughts above are from Brian Tracy’s blog. He is one of the best success speakers around. That is why I was so happy when I realized that among his numerous other topics, Brian also writes extensively about publishing.

His works are in a How-To format and are written in a way that beginning authors, as well as authors at all levels, can benefit. Also be sure to read my Five Steps to Getting a Book Published. As an author who has published a dozen books and hundreds of articles, the article includes my suggestions for newcomers who would like to write, distribute and sell their writing and books.

And I was fortunate to do this interview last year, in which I talk about my journey as an author:


Tracy continues:

By planning out your book properly BEFORE you start it can save you time, money, effort and prevent you from hitting a wall after writing your first 3 pages.

If you are really, really really serious about starting to write a book, you need to read this blog.

By taking the ten minutes to read this, it will save you hours of frustrations from poor planning.

If you want, just skip down to the checklist at the end and print it out or keep reading for all of the details in the fine print.

Here is your 5 step checklist on how to start a book.

See Brain Tracy’s blog for his full story.