Did you receive a Christmas card from a dentist, or insurance agent this year … one who you haven’t spoken to in several years?

What is your follow up after a client or participant has left?

For example, an online school has students who decide not to return. Do they just say “it was nice having you and then never contact them again?

“The process of contacting a prospect can be overwhelming. When do we follow up? How do we maintain contact without being a pest? What do we say? Why aren’t they answering me?!” her are “a handful of awesome email templates from our top salespeople that can help with some of that uncertainty.” See 16 Templates For The Sales Follow Up Email 

“Remember Special anniversaries of customers doing business with your company or other milestones is an excellent excuse to reach out to customers proactively.” See: .7 Ways to Master the Art of Customer Follow Up.

Bill Gates once said, ‘Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.'”

Check out How To Win Back Old Clients With This Strong Finishing Move for some great ideas on how to get some of them back. The author says:

Before you or one of your trusted employees contact a former client, set aside time to analyze and theorize potential reasons why the client left you. By having a probable list of reasons why your client previously made the decision to switch, you’ll be adequately prepared to provide reasonable answers. Do note that what you may think are the reasons why a client left may not be entirely correct.

He offers tips for reengaging the client.

“Ideally, you should talk to the decision-makers. Or, in place of the decision-maker, contact the person who is next in line in the organizational chart. Find out from them the reasons why they left you and what you can do to make them return. Of course, there are instances wherein you cannot woo your customer back, but either way, by contacting them, you’re in for a win-win proposition.”