make a choiseDo you realize this world would not be the same without you and your contributions — however small you feel they may be. YOU MATTER! You have a purpose – you have a VOICE! The question is – are you using it? Do you even know WHAT your Voice IS?

Give YOURSELF a gift! Now is the time to Find YOUR Voice.

Most “Life Classes” ask you to figure out your whole life in a day or two – or maybe only an hour or two. THIS Boot Camp is different.

From the comfort of your own home at the time of day you choose, you will be guided every day for four weeks with specific pointed questions to help you discover your true self, the real meaning in your life. Over four weeks, you will explore each of the four aspects of life: Health & Wellness, Relationships, Creative Expression and Financial Freedom — one realm per week. You will get to suspend reality for a while every day as you have permission to daydream again. IMAGINE what a difference this will make in your everyday living.

Christy Coburn Stansell

Christy Coburn Stansell


As you commit to this process, you WILL see changes and benefits immediately. You will wake up happier. Your relationships will be strengthened and improved. You’ll feel better about your mind, body and soul. You will have less stress. Your day will flow with more ease and productivity. You will come away from this Boot Camp knowing why you are on this planet – and what to do about it.


“For complete details, be sure and listen to the 5-minute audio at the link above,” Christy says. “Registering above does not automatically enroll you – we will have a short conversation first!”

Thank you for your interest – and here’s to Finding YOUR Voice!