maryI absolutely love this article by Dr. Mary Pritchard, my colleague at Boise State University. While this classic piece is written for women it has profound lessons for anyone who seeks empowerment. – Michael

Mary writes:

I work with both private clients and clients in my group coaching programs on the topic of clearing out blocks so you can manifest your heart’s desires. One of the biggest struggles I see women in my tribe going through isn’t the manifestation itself: it’s figuring out what they want to manifest in the first place and believing they are worthy enough to have it.
When I first start private coaching with a client, I often ask: What do you want in your [insert area of life we are working on: romantic relationships, career, spirituality, creativity, etc.]. The most frequent response? Silence. Followed by an awkward: “I don’t really know, no one has ever asked me that question before.”
Ladies, let’s get something clear: you are allowed to have desires. You are allowed to have what you want in life. If you feel you to need to ask for permission, let me go ahead and give it to you.
I give you permission to ask for what you want and need in life and to receive it.

I get that this may be a scary thought for you. It took me 40 years to realize I needn’t ask for anyone’s permission to get my needs met. You see, I used to believe that if I longed for something or wanted something to be different in my life I was just being selfish or impractical. It never occurred to me that I might: 1) deserve to have my heart’s desires, and 2) be able to manifest them myself.
If you are struggling with the concept of manifestation, let’s start at the beginning.
The first step in manifesting your heart’s desire is figuring out what you want.

How do you do that? Let’s take your career as an example (but you can modify and apply these questions to any area of your life). Ask yourself:
How would I describe this area of my life to someone I just met?
What do I like about it?
What do I not like about it?
What do I wish was different about it?
What have I tried to address this issue or problem solve around the things I don’t like?
If I could throw it all away and start over tomorrow, what would I keep? Why?
What would I toss? Why?
What do I most enjoy doing (as it pertains to this aspect of your life)?
What do I least enjoy doing?
How much time do I spend on the tasks I enjoy?
What about the tasks I don’t enjoy? How much do they occupy my day?
My dream (no holds barred – dream big) around this area of my life is: _________?
So what do I really and truly want here?
Once you have your answers, take some time to reflect. What are your ahas about this area of your life? Is there something you can quickly and easily change to make things better? Are there things you can ultimately change, but may take a little longer and require a game plan? What steps can you take today, tomorrow, and the next day to create the change you desire? It’s time to make a plan because you deserve to have all of your heart’s desires.