Raúl_Labrador__Official_Portrait__112th_CongressRaul Labrador believes that Americans sent mandates in the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections that the GOP has not addressed, according to a column in the Idaho Statesman. Those engaged in the political process so far are saying, in effect, “None of the Above” regarding established Republicans when it comes to weighing in with polls and showing up for rallies, writes Robert Ehlert.

Labrador said:

“The Republican Party is rejecting the Republican leadership in a major way. If you talk to the Republican leadership, all they can tell you is about how much they have accomplished in the last two years. American people are rejecting that. Because what they see is that their accomplishments are meaningless.”

The message Labrador hears now is that “if you are part of the political class, we don’t want anything to do with you.” He concludes: “So, if we get Donald Trump, you can thank (House Speaker) John Boehner for that.”

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“This seems to carry over, to some degree, with the Democrats,” Ehlert writes. “How else do you explain the popularity of Sen. Bernie Sanders, or why Vice President Joe Biden seems to be gaining the political confidence to challenge the “establishment” favorite, former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?”