maryYou are to beauty as God is to infinity: one and the same, according to Bella Mia magazine:


Yet I know you don’t hold that truth deep in your bones, at least not always. How could you? You swim in a sea of messages that tell you what perfection is and then define it as something out of your reach and in fact, out of reach for us all.

Even when you put on your little black dress (the one that makes you stand and gaze in your own mirror a little longer than you meant to) those messages are there, gnawing at your sense of pride, slicing away at your gusto for life. They have been planted in your mind, and like seeds they are activated in the spotlight of your important moments. On your wedding day, you are wondering if you are princess enough to walk down that aisle with confidence. Before you even leave the hospital after giving birth, you are already thinking about the stretch marks and your skinny jeans. As you watch your child walk across the stage at graduation, just a tiny bit of your attention is diverted, preoccupied by the wrinkles under your eyes and the age they represent.

BellaMia magazine, premiered in March 2015 and was founded by Mia Saenz whose vision is to share her belief that “every woman is beautiful NOW”. This is the magazine’s motto. BellaMia is dedicated to send you on a personal self-discovery journey, through inspiring articles and oh, so much more.

“Discover your true beauty, feel sensational now with life transforming insights and guidance,” Saenz says. “Living your best life is a choice, and BellaMia helps you put it all together beautifully.”

The name BellaMia subconsciously as well as consciously represents the beauty in every single one of us. Beautiful/mine. … My Beautiful..