So your business or nonprofit needs writing with punch, flare, and energy

— the type that grabs customers?

Web & Print

I provide and promote web and print content: press releases, email newsletters, web copy, social media posting, ghost writing and more.

Words & Grapics

My words and graphics are fun, informative and fresh — content that people enjoy reading.


I make sure that when customers read the contents from business sites, they’ll be back for more. The material is engaging, focused, and interactive.

About Me

I have published more than a dozen books.

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My Professional Writing Tips

In one of my my latest “Write Like A Pro” columns in the Idaho Press Tribune, I discuss how to jumpstart your writing career. Check out this piece I wrote about how  integration, re-use and humanization can calm the content marketing chaos. In this next column, I offered tips to build your business through a twitter account. See this column about how to make money writing online. In this piece, I gave tips about how to write social media posts that reach and inspire your audience. This essay tells how a well-written resignation letter is crucial to a positive transition. Write clear and professional emails.

The value of writing is explored here. And check out these tips for beginning authors. This column speaks about how to write effective business reports. How to avoid common spelling errors in business writing. was also explored. Here, I spoke of how to develop your professional writing style.  See this article about how errors in usage cannot be overestimated. The column that kicked off the series explored the new reality that social media grammar can determine whether or not you get a job. “Write Like A Pro” appears most Saturdays on the Money Matters page of the paper’s community section.

Marketing Specific Writing Samples


Click here for samples of press releases and articles I have written,social media pages I professionally manage, and more.

I answer questions about writing and publishing at my email: author (at) michaelrstrickland (dot) com